Keywee is an upbeat artist who has just released a new song under the name of “Tickle” The single has been produced by 7Gate Record and they are seeking more partnership with Keywee to produce and release some more songs in the near future. Keywee is a fast-rising artist, whose songs are becoming an internet sensation to new listeners. 7Gate Record is an independent recording label based in Canada founded by Wolf and Jojo in June 2016, with the main objective of helping talented and aspiring young artists to meet their goals and fulfill dreams with the music industry. 

Keywee, originally named Damian Morgan, was born and raised in Colleyville, Manchester, who studied in Christiana High School, then, later on, went ahead to pursue a career in the music industry and aims at winning a Grammy. “Keywee”, the “Quello Boss”, was a name bestowed upon him by some of his close friends. He says that he has the keys to open the musical doors to fame and is already becoming a rising star.

Keywee wants to influence young people with his music and his motto “Music over crime”, and he urges other young people who are interested in the music to come out and make their fantasies turn into reality. The song Tickle is also a way to touch the hearts of youth and wanting them to make their own music and share their hidden talent to the world.

The new single Tickle is an upbeat original single produced under the label of 7Gate Record. The production company is also looking forward to new project songs collaborating with Keywee and to keep giving their best efforts in making better and better songs. Ever since Keywee has contracted with 7Gate Record, he has been receiving very positive reviews and he himself hopes to keep making new songs that influence young people and the new generation. “I see a lot of good things happening in my career since I began working with this label. Working with a good team makes it easier for me to focus on recording my music. I also have a lot of new projects in the works, including an EP,” said Keywee.

Many people want to pursue their dreams but they don’t have enough courage to quit what they are doing and stand up for their dreams, but not Keywee, he worked hard and remained motivated to achieve what he wanted, he did not quit, he was backed by his friends and family who helped him get what he wanted, and now he is on track into making his dreams transform into reality after the release of new song Tickle. He is now more motivated than ever and has embarked a journey of success and fame.


Atara is an Jamaican rapper-singer-songwriter, dancer.  She gained fame for her songwriting abilities when she penned her 2020 hit “Queen” for hip hop.

Born: December  8, 1995, Kingston , St Andrews,  Jamaica 

Born in Montego Bay in a small town called Moore Park.

Genres: R&B; Pop; Hip Hop; Soul; Rap; Reggae; Dancehall 

Albums: Queen !


Eregulla also known as Ricardo Scarlett was born and grown in Tivoli Gardens, Kingston, Jamaica. He attended school at St Annie’s in a community call denon town. Eregulla has loved music from childhood. His style is versatile and unique with a rough edge He is also a proud father good person and an all around average guy. When he’s not in the studio u can find him at his business establishment with friends, children and family. He  has a love for poems, writing music. Reading. and sports mainly football also known as soccer
You can find Eregulla music on all platforms. He is now being produced by  7 gate record. A record label out of Canada. Eregulla has a bright future ahead of him.


Romeos Revenge is an upcoming underground artist from Toronto Canada coming to take over the music scene. Romeos Revenge taught himself to mix and produce his own music. With most of his work on his SoundCloud (Romeos Revenge). Romeos Revenge has shocked the underground with his melodic/punk sound. Revenge said he would never sign but is now partnered with 7 Gate Record,  The label called and asked if he can be on a song with one of their artist. Revenge is still putting out music but is focused on his first official project LODI. More is to be expected from Romeos Revenge so stay tuned.

Cashwayne Campbell

This is an artist that knows how to entertain. Cashwayne Campbell music name Cashwayne is an upcoming artist with upbeat music and catchy lyrics that make people of all ages want to sing along, “high energy with a feel good vibe”. Cashwayne has three recorded songs such as “peace of mind, overcome and talker dem “Cashwayne exudes a love for music. Despite being a newcomer to the scene, Cashwayne is no stranger to music he follows a strong background of recording Gospel artist in his family. He has creativity at heart, he has been writing lyrics and his own compositions since he was a kid. He was born in the city of Spanish town and raised in the community of Nor brook. He started music with a group of three who have repertoire songs on YouTube and Social Medias. In the upcoming years he excelled to being a solo artist where he performed at parties and community events, without all the music and entertainment Cashwayne enjoys swimming and the famous sport of football. 2020 looks set to be a busy year for Cashwayne, as he prepares his debut for the releasing of his songs. Keep an ear to the ground for more information on this new artist called Cashwayne.

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